I’ve had my breakfast and am working on my coffee right now.

I’ve had my breakfast and am working on my coffee right now.

I do not have such a thing planned for today. I might just read. I need to get some g d breakfast bars and some instant oatmeal. I am getting low on that. I have to begin a list I assume.

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We have actuallyn’t really seemed away yet. It is allowed to be plenty hot this week. up within the nineties that are high. I dread that.

We also need to see if you will find any cats that are hungry there.

It was equivalent blond cats that happen coming for eating. Scruff and Blondie. We t k them down two bowls. the dish that is double one of the clear plastic bowls. I shall need to get pet f d the time that is next have always been in Independence or Coffeyville. They both have an Orchelon shop. That is where I purchase my bulk pet f d. I adam4adam used to get Meow Mix at the Dollar General store but then I became feeding four kitties. Now it is down to two most of the time. Every once in awhile the neighbor’s blond cat comes for eating. But it is their animal and they should be feeding it.

I will need to water all my plants this morning, I am maintaining them healthier and bl ming because We water all of them each morning.

I am so happy the trimming was got by me done a short time ago. The yard will have to be mowed by no later on then Thursday. I shall not be in a position to do any one of it ‘s become so hot. We shall want to get Krystal’s child doing it.

I obtained most of the flowers watered. They’re going to require it this week. It will likely be a scorcher.

I went along to the marketplace and purchased morning meal bars and instant oatmeal and water.

We read when I deterred the news headlines.

My Kindle needs charging you again therefore I plugged it in.

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