Knowing I’m bipolar made me better at dating

Knowing I’m bipolar made me better at dating

Whenever many people consider manic depression, they’re reasoning of bipolar 1 afrointroductions. We know we accustomed, anyway. I was thinking of Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest, sweet and soft-spoken one minute, harsh and abusive the following. We thought of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; We thought of Jim Carrey into the Mask. We (erroneously) thought bipolar 1 looked such as the highs that are intense lows depicted within these films, and therefore bipolar 1 and 2 had been essentially equivalent. In my experience in those days, being meant that is bipolar two various characters.

But I happened to be simply me personally. There was clearly just one of me personally, a lady whom worked in a tumultuous, innovative industry and had figuratively speaking to pay for, which intended we worked a great deal. Many weekdays, i might stay up composing until 3 a.m., then move up out of bed at 6; many weekends, I would personally crash so hard that I’d barely keep my sleep. I’d had anxiety I thought this was just that plus a strong work ethic since I was a kid, so. And year that is then last we came across a health care provider whom carefully disagreed. They were signs, she said, of bipolar 2.

It’s a disease related to milder manifestations of mania, clinically referred to as hypomania:

It was my racing thoughts, rapid speech, never feeling tired, and intense anxiety for me. (Compare that into the manic actions associated with bipolar 1, such as for example exorbitant investing, dangerous intimate behavior, or substance abuse.) Bipolar 2 can make one feel like you’re being swept down a river, desperately wanting to cling onto something constant. In my situation, that one thing ended up being constantly an individual.

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