Does intimate frequency correlate with satisfaction among lesbians?

Does intimate frequency correlate with satisfaction among lesbians?

The study involved with this papers was created to determine the relationship between your regularity with which lesbians are having sex and their commitment fulfillment. This specialist hypothesizes that there’s not a very good correlation between sexual regularity and commitment fulfillment. Being identify this, a few concerns need to be responded.

Areas of inquiry within this study are the following: the sexual frequency of lesbian people

Data on lesbian sex are out-of-date. One particular typically reported records to lesbian intimate frequency come from research done in by Schwartz and Blumstein, authors of United states lovers. Within their study, lesbians include compared to other pair dyads (heterosexual married people, unmarried cohabitating heterosexuals, and gay men), additionally the intimate wavelengths of four different pair pairings happened to be conflated. Lesbians are defined as minimal intimately effective dyad, and so they are emphasized just like the couple pair that skilled more dramatic decrease in sexual regularity throughout her connection.

Shortly after the analysis from United states partners was created community, the phrase lesbian bed dying was born.

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