How David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ made use of racism to fight racism

How David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ made use of racism to fight racism

Was actually David Bowie’s 1983 struck “China Girl” racist?

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But racist deliberately.

If you’re wondering exactly why which makes a distinction, consider Bowie’s remarks in Rolling material that same season: “Let’s just be sure to utilize the video clip format as a system for a few type social observation, and not spend it on trotting away and trying to improve the public graphics regarding the singer involved. I Am Talking About, normally little motion pictures, and a few videos may have a place, consider try to make some point.”

During the time, the “China Girl” video got a wonder. It represented the sex twisting Bowie as a hypermasculine protagonist in a lush, interracial love. It had been furthermore rife with stereotypes. The lyrics suggested a desire to conquer — and supplied a threat of racial violence.

Bowie’s brand new followers — those who flocked to him after the popularity of the 1983 “Let’s party” album — possess thought these people were acquiring a salacious pop solitary offered with a flavor of Asia, but more mature fans from the ’70s know better: Bowie was donning the role of a racist womanizer not just to decry racist womanizing but to condemn the West’s demeaning look at the eastern as one.

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