Exactly why do visitors flirt in customer support problems? shut

Exactly why do visitors flirt in customer support problems? shut

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Shut 2 years ago .

We ran into this double here with two different buyers and it’s really slightly odd for me. I around plan it has been only myself becoming aspie and misreading the case once it occurred last night, but after now i am convinced it actually was flirting.

Recently I never rather receive the reason why an individual would wish to flirt with somebody who’s already are paid fairly well to help them. Think it’s great would virtually sound right when we comprise negotiating a price or something like that, but that isn’t possible here, even after that undoubtedly fairly shady.

I’m sure they certainly weren’t really firing for a date, escort in Bridgeport CT the duplicate culprit informed me that this gal ended up being attached. But’m not a terrific hunting dude, not just ugly or everything, but definitely not someone that ordinarily brings an awful lot of this type consideration.

Staying apparent, this isn’t a sexual harassment circumstances. Just light, mostly safe, flirting. Standing up a touch too in close proximity, batting eye-lash, wondering as soon as’d getting working later on kind of information.

It’s probably relevant that We work for a religious nonprofit firm. Teasing would usually be considered improper in ecosystem.

I suppose I’m at just a bit of a loss of revenue as to the reasons customers would flirt in a person solution circumstance and a little clueless on how to reply.

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