Would you remember what a thrill it absolutely was to immerse your self in Halcyon Digest?

Would you remember what a thrill it absolutely was to immerse your self in Halcyon Digest?

Halcyon Digest Turns 10

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from the it well — or at the very least I do believe I really do.

Deerhunter circulated the record album a decade ago today, and in just a weeks that are few had been totally enthralled along with it. Microcastle and Bradford Cox’s magnetic, confrontational phase existence had made me personally a fan, but Halcyon Digest is what cemented Deerhunter’s place in my individual pantheon of fiercely beloved musicians. It was the mesmerizing that is most, invigorating indie record I’d heard in years — one that swirled together decades of rock history into one thing visceral and ephemeral all at once, dark and mystical yet plainly accessible, structurally adventurous while maintaining an unmistakable stylistic imprint. It was the noise of the musical organization ascending to the top of its powers. It became my favorite album of 2010.

So yes, from the dropping under Halcyon Digest‘s spell. From the it fondly, and judging through the album’s place of prominence within Deerhunter’s discography, therefore execute a large amount of others. But memories could be deceiving. As Cox explained upon Halcyon Digest‘s release, its title “is a reference up to a number of fond memories as well as designed ones, like Ricky Wilson to my friendship or the fact we inhabit an abandoned victorian autoharp factory.” He proceeded “The way we want to remember, and how that’s kind of sad. that we write and rewrite and edit our memories to be a digest version of what” f. Guilty. By the album’s own measure, then, the genuine test of Halcyon Digest‘s worth is whether it may nevertheless evoke this type of breathless response all of these years later.

It might very nearly be t perfect if this type of vivid, surreal collection of stone songs made a profound impression and then retreated towards the edge of consciousness, forever flickering into the recesses of our minds, not to be skilled once again.

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