Without a doubt about As Colbert progresses, ‘Colbert’ Ends

Without a doubt about As Colbert progresses, ‘Colbert’ Ends

Goodbye, Stephen Colbert

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On his evening show on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert made enjoyable of news, in which he made news. Nyc occasions journalists bid farewell into the blow-hard character he created.

A studio filled up with an incongruous group of celebrity visitors — Mayor Bill de Blasio, Big Bird, Ambassador Samantha energy, Yo-Yo Ma, Gen. Ray Odierno, Cyndi Lauper — singing “We’ll satisfy Again” ended up being just a little weird, but so had been the commercials that bracketed the event: advertisements for scotch, beer and online dating services called Asiandate and Anastasiadate .

The ultimate bout of “The Colbert Report” on Thursday had been a sad turning point, perhaps, however it had been also a pleased reminder of just how much of a anomaly that late-night comedy show to be real: like “The regular Show,” it became a vanity location for the establishment in-crowd on Comedy Central, a cable channel that caters to your young and apparently lonely (and thirsty).

For nine years, Stephen Colbert brilliantly kept up a not likely, complicated and imposture that is delightful. He delivered wicked governmental satire by pretending to be always a right-wing, monomaniacal cable talk show host.

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