MFC Cam that is top Model to her household by a part

MFC Cam that is top Model to her household by a part

Sep 26, 2009 1 2009-09-26T13 23

In the danger of being accused of promoting that old “victim vibe” about the web-cam industry, i need to share listed here terrible tale with you all of that had been told through among the Top Bucharest Models on MFC in her own available space this aftern n to a gathering of 133 users and guests. Here is the worst for the stalker tales that i’ve heard that is for this MFC web-site, yet not the only person.. At the very least two of our model users have now been recorded come july 1st, after which threatened with being subjected to their loved ones and buddies in Bucharest by some unknown individual who had their yah ids. The same thing occurred to a single of your Slovak users who additionally labored on MFC. Just how did the stalkers obtain information that is personal maybe not through the models’ studios or even the web-site’s files?

I believe that there’s a standard M.O. employed by the stalkers (or stalker?), taking part in every one of these incidents, but the one that just works within the context of lax security that is web-site MFC.. and systematic deception by a business that guarantees to guard the identities and privacy of its models, then carelessly does not make g d on its guarantees of security. UL

This the things I posted when you l k at the area that is public answer another idiotic post by our pirate member, HeyYou..

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