Customer Alert: Scammers Claiming to Express Advance America Target Maine People

Customer Alert: Scammers Claiming to Express Advance America Target Maine People

Advance America, a nationwide provider of payday loans as well as other economic solutions, has become conscious of a unique revolution of frauds focusing on customers in Maine . These scam designers, posing as Advance America representatives to get cash from naive customers, come in no means connected to the company. As a result of state regulations, Advance America doesn’t presently provide payday advances to Maine residents.

In the last couple weeks, in specific, scammers have actually contacted Maine residents claiming them to acquire a prepaid debit card or cable cash as a “processing cost” or “good faith deposit. they have been pre-approved for a financial loan, then asking” In other situations, scammers look for to get on “unpaid” pay day loan financial obligation, often threatening arrest or appropriate action or demanding individual monetary information over the telephone. Scammers went so far as sending residents loan that is fraudulent utilizing the Advance America logo design.

“Scammers usually utilize the trustworthiness of a genuine, respected company to con victims from their cash,” stated Patrick O’Shaughnessy , president and CEO of Advance America. “Legitimate payday loan providers such as for example Advance America are very controlled at both their state and federal degree and won’t ever make use of the sort of fraudulent and illegal strategies used by scam musicians.”

Advance America urges customers to recognize the caution signs and symptoms of monetary fraud and follow these strategies for avoiding loan that is payday commercial collection agency scams.

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